2022-2023 APPOINTEES


I Tatti Fellows


Paolo Celi

Paolo Celi

Ahmanson Fellow
When the World Stopped Making Sense. The Debate on Mathematics as Science at the Accademia degli Infiammati in Padua

Term Fellows (1st Semester)


Walid Ake

Walid Akef

Graduate Fellow
Munà, Ǧinān, and Basātīn. Periurban and Suburban Luxury Estates in Nasrid Granada (1238-1492)
2022-2023 (September-December)
Ana Sverko

Ana Šverko

Berenson Fellow
The Sanmichelis’ Fortification Architecture of the Stato da Màr: An Unwritten Renaissance Treatise
2022-2023 (September-December)

Visiting Professors (1st Semester)


Tod Marder

Tod Marder

Robert Lehman Visiting Professor
Architectural Drawings in Early Modern Italy: media, methods, functions, interpretations
2022-2023 (November-December)

Artists in Residence (1st Semester)


Director's Appointments (1st Semester)


Term Fellows (2nd Semester)


Birru Alebachew

Alebachew Birru

I Tatti/Getty Foundation Fellow
The Shay Culture: Tumuli of traditional-religious people in Ethiopia and their artefactual relationship with the Mediterranean world (10th-16th c.)
2022-2023 (January-June)
Cheikh Sene

Cheikh Sene

I Tatti/DHI Rom Joint Fellow for African Studies
Studying the slave trade through its smallest elements: Trading goods, currencies, weights, measures and taxation in Senegambia 1446-1817
2022-2023 (February-June)

Visiting Professors (2nd Semester)


Mariko Muramatsu

Mariko Muramatsu

Lila Wallace-Reader's Digest Visiting Professor
The Transformation of the Female Body in Italian Literature, from the 13th to the 16th Centuries. From the Theory of Love to the Age of Censorship
2022-2023 (February-March)

Artists in Residence (2nd Semester)


Post-Doctoral Fellows / Assistants to the Director


Research Associates